Chelsea G. provides exemplary care and education for my son. He delights in seeing her and his friends at the OR City Storybook Daycare, as his days include fun ways to learn, taking walking adventures, playing in the yard when weather permits, and arts and crafts to bring home and share.

I highly recommend enrolling your little one in Chelsea’s care if you are in or near OR City.

Robert Seitzinger

I wish all teachers teaching in public schools and day care centers could see what Chelsea does for her kids at Storybook Day Care it would be every teachers dream to be able to do that for there kids. She cares for her kids education and well being , she makes sure every day is exciting and a great learning experience. My great grand child has been with storybook day care for close to two years now and let me tell you my great grand child and all of her kids love her and respect her and come home excited . Thank you Chelsea for being who you are. Your one of the best. Sandra Jahns

Sandra jahns
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Value

As others have said, Chelsea is caring, smart and an all-around great teacher! Hope she’s open this summer.

Jon Mark

My son has been going to Chelsea for a few years now. He always leaves happy! Through out the week he tells me about things he learns from her. He learns about science, math and a lot of other subjects. And most importantly i know he is safe in her care!

Misty Stickrod

Our children have been in the care of Chelsea at Storybook Daycare for about a year and a half. The level of care she provides is exceptional. She interacts with the children in a structured preschool-like environment and always has them doing new art projects/experiments and learning activities throughout the entire day. When the weather permits she takes the kids on field trips to the water park, fire station, library, park etc. Or they are playing outside on the play structure or riding scooters and bikes. The kids have a great time and really enjoy being there! She has a very detailed weekly schedule on all of the different things they will be learning about and focusing on. We feel that our children have thrived in her care. I would highly recommend and trust Chelsea with caring for your child. She has great experience and passion for working with children.

Cassie Franken, Your Content Goes Here

My son is only three years old and he can already tell me the layers of the earth. I’m very proud of him and what he’s learned at Storybook Daycare in Oregon City.

Kaybe Stardust

Chelsea is one of the most creative and engaging teachers I have ever seen. She has a true passion for working with kids and it clearly shows. She does an incredible job of helping to keep the kids engaged and I’m always impressed by the interactive activities she does! I’d highly recommend Storybook Daycare to anyone!

Andrew Weiss

Chelsea and I worked together for 6 years. I watched her develop into a wonderful teachers. It is apparent that she loves kids and has fun teaching them. She always has something new to excite the children’s imagination.

I have seen Chelsea discipline students. It is always done in a loving way. She expresses clear expectations as to what the class rules are and anticipates a positive outcome. This shows confidence that a child can come back from incorrect behavior

She has a great work ethic which was shown by being prepared, on time, and dependable. I know that the children at her center will be loved and in good care.

Cheryl Haynie

I have worked with Chelsea in the past and she works really well with kids, she is very patient and has a great rapport when it comes to teaching young children new subjects and skills. I have seen her work with many different age groups, and she is able to seamlessly move from the behavior needed to communicate properly with one age group to the next.

Kathryn S Burrell