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Safe ways for your kids to socialize during COVID


Social, Emotional Learning is one of the most important aspect that schools provide to students. After experiencing interruptions in learning and potentially other traumas related to the pandemic and racial injustice, students may have heightened academic and emotional needs. Educational researchers fear that children won’t be able to catch up from the ground they’ve lost, and the impacts of recent events will last for generations to come. 

With the use of digital platforms, that is no replacement for face-to-face socialization. We stand poised and ready to act as a source of support for Oregon kids. We can help integrate your child’s socialization and normalization needs here at Storybook Preschool and Daycare with interactive, supervised play. 

Benefits of Socialization:

  • Learn cooperation skills and how to deal with frustration
  • Develop trust & loyalty with parallel play
  • Learn to connect with others (vital skills for child development)
  • Learn to take turns in play and conversation
  • Learn coping skills and emotional regulation, tolerance and expression 

***These are foundational to healthy social development and the work of early childhood***

We follow all the COVID safety procedures and measures with our supervised play time environment. Let’s call it your “friend bubble” that you can trust and feel comfortable with your kids social environment.

BOOK PLAYDATE:      Sign up and pay to confirm your date (online booking/pay coming soon)

TIMES OFFERED:      1:00pm – 3:00pm   Monday – Friday

Call to sign up for play time availability – 503.899.8220