Lake Oswego Location Evacuation and Emergency plan:

To ensure the safety of all the children we practice evacuation drills once a month. This will prepare the children in the event of an emergency evacuation, such as fire, earthquake, and potential lock-down.

If an emergency evacuation is necessary away from the daycare facility, Children and Teachers will relocate at the Lake Oswego Balahi Center, 16103 SW Lake Forest Blvd. Teachers will take roll call and call parents/guardians immediately to make arrangements.

Emergency contacts:

  1. Dr Bozena Celnik,
    6205 Carmen Dr,
    Lake Oswego OR
  1. Legacy Medical Group,
    18010 SW McEwan Rd,
    Lake Oswego, OR
  1. Tualatin Police Dept,
    8650 SW Tualatin Rd,
    Tualatin OR
  1. Fire Station 39,
    7080 SW McEwan Rd,
    Lake Oswego OR