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Here is where their story begins

Storybook provides a high quality, warm, safe, and friendly environment that focuses on stimulating the minds of young children through the S.T.E.A.M. program.

This curriculum focus on an educational approach that uses:

  • Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics
  • This opens access points for guiding your child’s inquiries, dialogue, and critical thinking.

These methods nurture the whole child and supports their social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth, in turn improves development for social skills, children bonding and relationship development.

We’re About The Little People…

It Takes a Village to raise a child:

Play – Laugh – Grow!

  • Physical activity inside and outside

These educational games & play time concentrate on enhanced learning through hands on activities while developing their fine motor skills and teaching the benefits of sharing and playing with others respectfully with kindness.
*The activities are modified based on the age & developmental of your child.

  • Potluck Dinner at the beginning & end of the school year (post COVID)
  • Christmas concerts performed for parents by your little ones (post COVID)


  • Parent Day: Parents are invited to come and share their skills or career with other kids to encourage a deeper connection with parent/child relationships.
  • Pre registration visit – Want to see the facility where your child will thrive? Schedule a site visit after hours or weekends to meet with staff and familiar yourself with our facility at our Lake Oswego location.
  • We encourage parents to be involved with the development of their child. You can visit our facility virtually to see first hand how kids are learning, playing and participating in numerous learning activities. With permission, we will share videos & photos of your little ones in action.

Regular Events


Small Teacher/Student Ratio:

  • Kids will be divided in small pods for multiple activities to create a more intimate learning experience and rotated.
  • Example: Art room, Science room, Learning room, Activity room

Involving the Community:

  • Provide interaction: Community workers invited to talk about their jobs while involving the kids in different activities related to their job (resumed upon lifted COVID restrictions).
    • Examples: Policemen, Fireman, Utility workers, Contractor, Nurse, Veterinarian, etc

Meet Our Teachers

Chelsea Giannone
Chelsea GiannoneOwner - Teacher
My name is Chelsea and I am the founder of Storybook Preschool and Daycare. I started my career working with children in a Daycare facility for 8 years prior which motivated me to open up my own daycare facilities with the focus of stimulating the minds of young children using the S.T.E.A.M program.

My teaching philosophy nurtures the whole child and supports their social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth, while providing for a warm, safe and friendly environment to grow.
Here is where, “Their Story” begins ~

Christina Director/Teacher
Here at Storybook, I am now known more as grandma rather than teacher Christina. I love playing with the kids and providing them with lots of invigorating kudos. Kids are a sponge and they need to be soaked in love and exciting ways of learning their environment around themselves. From friends, self worth, respect, values and leadership as a teacher and director, this is my given job of warmth and dedication. I am constantly referring to others I meet, that I have 20 grandchildren, all who are lovely and have unique personalities. In fact, I have been blessed with my first grand baby in 2021 and she is absolutely adorable!

I am a 4th generation native Oregonian, who grew up in a small town outside of Eugene making my way to the Portland area some 25yrs ago. My love for the outdoors has not altered over the years; hiking, fishing, camping, all water sports and community activities are a large part of my life. I love meeting new people and children. In my previous work life, I worked in the travel industry, promoting Mexico, Europe and Costa Rica, as well as a local high profile travel company here in the Portland area promoting local day trips. Over the years my love for the smaller things in life have grown, such as seeing the beauty in children & birds. Birding excursions have taken me all over the world. My life count is 1,205 bird species.

I joined my daughter in her life long dream of opening up a Preschool for children here in the Lake Oswego area. Previously working with her of many years in her in-home daycare has inspired us to where we are now. We are going strong and our program and lives are forever changing. We have a great relationship and strive to keep our center to a comfortable in-home learning environment within a preschool setting.

This is me and my love for life!

Director/Teacher Christina

Lauren Hillstrom
Lauren HillstromTeacher
Hi, my name is Lauren Hillstrom. I started working with preschool children when I was in high school. I found that I loved working with children and it was very satisfying for me when the children had that “A-ha” moment when they understood what I was teaching them. I graduated from Clackamas Community College in 2020 with a degree in Early Childhood Education & Family Studies. I look forward to working with your children and appreciate the trust you have placed in me to ensure that they have the best learning experience possible!
Christa Clament
Christa ClamentTeacher
I’m a mom of two sons in their 20’s. One is in the Air Force learning Mandarin Chinese and has the title of Cryptologic Linguist Analyst in Cyber Securities. The other is a self-taught Financial Advisor via YouTube and in the restaurant business. Both play guitar, piano, and produce music, and both have studied French, computers, video gaming, and psychology in school. My passion in life has been teaching children, pre-K through 3rd grade, as my own children are tremendous results of that passion. I volunteered in elementary school classrooms up to 30 hours a week for several years when my children were in elementary school. I served in the Parent/Teacher Organization for a few years and was the President for one year. I also taught Art for a few years at their school. I was a stay-at-home mom for nine years and went back to college to obtain a BA degree in French and Linguistics and a certificate in International Studies. I love learning languages, the history of languages, world culture, and world history. In addition to French, I learned Spanish, and some Japanese and German. I also attended a University in France in a one-month intensive summer abroad study and traveled along the Loire Valley. After finishing my BA studies, I had plans to start a Masters program in Teaching, but life took a turn where I needed to drop from the program. I’ve been learning French since the age of 12, and off and on throughout my adult years, and because learning French has been my lifetime passion, I continued to pursue that route regardless of not having a Masters in Teaching. I tutored students in French, Math, and English in grades 1st – 9th. I taught French at a Montessori school, preschool – 5th grade, in Washington for a year, and then was a French teacher’s Assitant and English teacher, grades preschool – 5th at French Immersion schools for over five years in the Lake Oswego and Portland area. I grew up in Minnesota in the suburbs, and on a farm with pigs and cattle during the summers. From high school and on, I have lived in Arizona, California, Louisiana, Washington, and now Oregon. I married my highschool sweetheart after dating off and on for 7 years, and was married to him for 24 years. We divorced in 2020. I enjoy life and love cooking, reading, music, concerts, hiking, biking, running, indoor rock climbing, paddleboarding, kayaking, time with friends, and my church. I was involved with my non-denominational church as a Sunday school assistant helper in the pre-K classrooms in 2019 – 2020, and assisted a Divorce Care class in 2021. In August of 2019, I traveled to Rwanda, Africa with our Christian Outreach Team to lead Vacation Bible school, visit several schools from preschool to high school, and to meet my 20-year old sponsor student, and her family, who has aspirations to become a medical doctor. I’m a supporter of education and teaching students to learn how to think for themselves, to set them up for success, and to help them succeed

Kiddies Corner

Morris the Moose helps us on dental hygiene education.

A study of Ancient Egypt week. S.T.E.A.M – Can we build an adobe home?

Special guest of the week. Lt. Pierce with canine Abby. Weekly study In honoring local heroes of our community.

Safety Week. Guest appearance by our local fire marshal educating the children on stop, drop and roll.

Station table two alphabet bingo!

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